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REED week

A two-day workshop to learn about the potential of REED as a local resource.
Visit a Brussels swamp where REED grows wildly, learn the basics of thatching and get skilled by thatching the roof of a boat!

August 19+20 or August 22+23, from 9.30am to 5.30pm
REED Workshop, thatch a roof

August 21, from 10.00 am to 5.00pm:
REED day, artistic program using reed materials

Language: English

N 50° 51' 35.387'' E4° 20' 47.612''
Avenue du Port 1
1000 Brussels

Reed week. Asiat reference
ilia steirlinck

REED WEEK is a collaboration between Futurefarmers and BC studies

During the third week of August, the roof of a boat ‘In the Belly of the City’ will be thatched with reed. 
We propose a two-day workshop to learn about the potential of reed as a local resource. 
Visit a Brussels swamp where reed grows wildly, 
see how reed fibers can be applied, 
learn the basics of thatching with reed 
and apply your skills to thatch the roof of the boat!



In the Belly of the City is a solar-powered, floating platform that moves along the Brussels–Charleroi Canal between Halle and Brussels. It is a public sculpture, a living lab and a functional food transport vessel. In the Belly of the City transports organic food produced (by a network of farmers in the Pajottenland) and hosts a constellation of artists on board. In the Belly of the City is both an artwork and a tool – a call to action to reconsider our food systems, reimagine food production and activate pathways between farmers and consumers. In the Belly of the City is literally and figuratively a platform for bringing this conversation into the public sphere.



The roof of the platform will be made from reed, demonstrating a bio-based, low-tech, open-source building solution. 
Reed has been used for centuries as a building material and as insulation. 

Reed beds are an important habitat for various animals including birds, insects and amphibians. Reed plantations are also used for water purification and protecting the banks of waterways and lakes from erosion. But from time to time it has to be cut because it grows rampantly. In this sense, it is a residual flow that can be used for thatching or as an insulating carrier for plaster (clay or lime).



Two-day workshop
August 19+20 or 22+23
Day I: reed discovery day
Day II: thatch a boat

Day I, AM: a professional reed contractor introduces you to details of thatching with reed.
Day I, PM: Collectif Lambda, will take on a tour from the reed source till final application possibilities. 
The decor for this is Marais Wiels, a contemporary swamp in the Senne valley discover a local Brussels reed source.
Includes a visit to a project using clay plaster + reed of Marais Wiels, executed by Pied à Terre and volunteers. 

Day II: your chance to thatch with the reed. With a small workshop team and the guidance of the professional contractor you will thatch the roof of the floating platform, 'In the Belly of the City'. 

Reed day
August 21

On Wednesday, the thatching work continuous. So for the curious who just want to come have a look, this is your day. 
Futurefarmers will host an artistic program using reed materials. Feel welcome anytime during 10am and 5pm.


Location: at a prime location in the city, In front of the future KANAL centre Pompidou, there is a boat dock. 
Here the boat will dock, and therefor be the event location for the REED WEEK.

To join the two-day workshop, you can book on this page. 
-Lunch is included in the price.
-You will receive an invoice shortly after inscription
-Deadline: August 5th
-For questions: mail to info@bcstudies.org with topic: Reed Week question

For the artistic Reed day on Wednesday, you can simply show up.
-For questions: mail to amy@futurefarmers.com


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BC studies
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incl. VAT