• 23.09.22 30.09.22

Lamp-à-Terre Atelier

Together with Micro Factory designers' Thomas Heliot and Avandi Studio, we teamed up to explore how we could combine working with different types of materials including earth, bio-based and metals! The result? A unique lamp design and building workshop.

The workshop was a collaboration spread over 2 afternoon sessions where participants fabricated their own lamp. During the first session we constructed the base of the lamp from locally (Brussels) sourced rammed earth. Participants were introduced to different techniques and at the same time had the chance to discover two urban fabrication/production halls in Brussels.

The second part of the workshop was held at the Brussels' makerspace Micro Factory. The session introduced the participants to several production techniques such as grinding, welding and electrical wiring. Participants explored the possibilities of combining sustainably sourced materials such as rammed earth and knotweed paper with brass and metal. By sharing space and machinery at incubators like Micro Factory, access to tools and knowledge become more widely available. This local initiative contributes to making Brussels a more circular and productive city.

The base of Lamp-a-terre is made from Rammed Earth, sourced in and around Brussels. To complement the earthy base, a delicate paper was selected for the lamp shade. NotWeed paper is a newly established brand from NGO Trajna, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, set- up to support efforts in developing creative and sustainable solutions to invasive plants management and paper-making.


Interested? Buy your own limited edition lamp-à-terre here.