• 10.03.23

Focus - Earth Bricks

A workshop day to discover the potential of earth bricks.
Find out how to create a compressed earth brick, how to mason with unfired earth bricks, and how it can be implemented in an architectural project.

From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Language: adapted to preference participants English/French/Dutch

Earth bricks offer a potential of a low carbon, mass building material. It's one of the most ancient building techniques. But since industrialisation, new opportunities emerged. 
During this workshop we will take the time to let you discover the history and traditional use of earth bricks, but also the wide range of contemporary production processes. You will be able to produce a compressed earth brick, learn how to mason with it, which mortar to use,...

This workshop is part of the initiative “Stadsatelier de Ville”, a hybrid meeting spot where students, contractors, architects and governance actors learn to build a circular future together. Each semester we offer one specific focus workshop. 

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