Work in Action - OASE #106

Table Settings. Reflections on architecture with Hannah Arendt, OASE #106

Editors of this issue
Hans Teerds, Christoph Grafe, Catherine Koekoek

Pier Vittorio Aureli (Dogma), Geoge Baird, Jeffrey Bolhuis (AP+E Office) & Tara Kennedy, Patrick Bouchain (Construire), Ken De Cooman (BC Architects), Nicola Delon (Encore Heureux), Mary Duggan (Mary Duggan Architects), Pauline Fockeday, Anne Geenen (Site Practice), Christoph Grafe, Catherine Koekoek, Hannah Knoop (Studioeurope), Patchen Markell, Véronique Patteeuw, Cecilia Sjöholm, Hans Teerds, Ard de Vries (Ard de Vries Architecten) & Donna van Milligen Bielke (Studio Donna van Milligen Bielke)

Karel Martens, Aagje Martens

July 2020
Paperback/Illustrated (b/w)
170 × 240 mm
© NAi Publishers, 2020

In the field of architecture, crafts and skills of design and construction are partly acquired through the making, architect Ken De Cooman argues. This tacit knowledge over time lives in a wide community of practices involving larger communities of citizens, designers, crafts-(wo)men, and builders. Making buildings is linked to the complex and diverse construction cultures of peoples and disciplines. This model is somehow at odds with a too strict separation of Arendt’s different modes of activity: labour, work and action. Within the architectural project, these modes intermingle. The kind of ‘work’ one produces, or the kind of ‘labour’ one executes, can acquire a sensible political meaning.