Beyond Critical Regionalism. Grey Zones and Radicality in Contemporary Practice - Oase # 103

Critical Regionalism. Revisited #OASE 103

Editors of this issue
Tom Avermaete, Veronique Patteeuw, Hans Teerds, Lea-Catherine Szacka

Tom Avermaete, Asli Cicek, Bart Decroos, Jantje Engels, Christoph Grafe, Bruno Notteboom, Véronique Patteeuw, David Peleman, Hans Teerds, Christophe Van Gerrewey

BC Architects, Irina Davidovici, Job Floris, Kenneth Frampton, Charles Holland, Wonne Ickx, Esin Komez, Andrew Leach and Nicole Sully, Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, Carmen Popescu, Stylianos Giamarelos, Marine Urbain, Maarten Vanden Driessche, Marjoleine van Eig

Aagje Martens, Karel Martens   

May 2019
Paperback/Illustrated (b/w)
170 × 240 mm
© nai010 publishers, 2019

In this text, BC explores notions beyond ‘Critical Regionalism’. While the proclaimed notions in the essay such as climate, context and tectonics have value today, this is not because of their opposition against the forces of universalisation. On the contrary, these notions are important for the long-term wellbeing of humankind and of the shared planet. They should hence in BC’ opinion be envisioned globally. From here, BC  argue that architectural practice cannot only be considered as the resulting (characteristics of) infrastructure of a certain community, but rather as the design of the impact of achieving this infrastructure.