• 10.04.22 07.08.22

Same Same but Different

Z33, Hasselt, Belgium

BC architects & studies & materials

Thomas Noceto, Cinzia Romanin, Alexandre Humbert

This exhibition is a collaboration with Building Beyond Borders (UHasselt) and Atelier LUMA. 

This exhibition is organized with the support of the Flemish Government. 

Raw materials are becoming scarce. The impact of traditional extraction methods on the environment, nature and social inequality requires a different approach. BC proves that extraction is not the same as emptying or exhausting the earth.

In Same Same but Different BC stimulated the discussion about a sustainable society. Not only does BC questions the use of raw materials, BC also explores sustainable alternatives and history. In ancient times, old buildings served as quarry for new buildings. Today, BC applies these centuries-old principles of reuse or circular construction to a completely different society. This search is preceded by a process of sampling and prototyping resulting in mock-ups and architectural models.

In Z33, BC presented a sample of their practice through three projects: the former gendarmerie barracks Usquare Feder in Ixelles, private residence WOODSTOCK in Wallonia and the workspaces of Atelier LUMA LOT8 in Arles, France. In addition, together with the postgraduate Building Beyond Borders of UHasselt, they investigate the opportunities of ‘urban mining’ and renewable building materials in Brussels.