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  • 29.06.24 13.10.24

Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2024

Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark Rotterdam

Janna Bystrykh, Catherine Koekoek, Hani Salih, Alina Paias & Noortje Weenink

Exhibition title
Nature of Hope

Under the title Nature of Hope, the 11th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) examines nature, culture and hope from the perspective of architectural thought and action, as a driving force for social change. What does it take to face uncertainty about the future in a time of profound and multiple transformations – in other words, what are the building blocks we need to remain hopeful?

The Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2024 will focus on a combination of hope and nature. This choice stems from the recognition that everything begins with the Earth and that our exploitation – or rather, depletion – of the Earth, each other, and the living world is leading to multiple ecological and social crises. As humans, we can no longer place ourselves above or at a distance from nature and nor do we wish to. How can we put the knowledge and practices of spatial design at the service of the planet and all the creatures that live on it?

For the occasion BC propose a reflection :
Materials, in many ways, define the soul of a construction. They should not be seen merely as off-the-shelf products, but rather as the outcome of a network of actions and transformations through time and within a specific place.

The protagonist of our narrative lies beneath the arable land of our home region: the Loess belt, which extends from the west coast of France, through Belgium, and into Germany. This exhibition brings together and retraces the evolution of this georegion through materials and stories.