• 19.04.17 18.06.17

The Act of Building

deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium

deSingel, Vlaams Architectuurinstituut and Atelier Vlaams Bouwmeester

Kristýna Lhotková en Bart Tritsmans

with the support of the Flemish Governement

In 2015 BC architects & studies received the BWMSTR label from the Vlaamse Bouwmeester for its research into the repositioning of the architect in the building process. BWMSTR Label aims to foster innovative, policy-relevant ideas developed by researchers and designers, as to support uncommissioned research at an early stage. In 2017 the Flemish Architecture Institute showed the results of a selection of BWMSTR Labels 2015 in the corridors of deSingel.

BC aims to redefine the traditional triangle of client-architect-contractor.They investigate how the architect can reposition himself at the service of building communities in order to achieve innovative building processes. 

In the exhibition 'The Act of Building', BC architects & studies displayed a contemporary interpretation of the building process, in which an intense collaboration between architect and contractor is central. The example they used is the 'Fort V',  a project they developed for the Antwerp municipality of Edegem. By organizing on-site workshops, 70% of the building materials were produced on site. Architect and contractor thus created an interesting learning environment for young architects, students and construction workers, as well as for parents and their children. With the "Bioklas," BC reached out for a valid alternative to the traditional construction process, with a new way of working together as an important driving force.