• 22.09.22 13.11.22

Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2022

Ferro, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Derk Loorbach, Véronique Patteeuw, Léa-Catherine Szacka and Peter Veenstra

Exhibition title
It's About Time - The Architecture of Change

Fifty years after the publication The Limits to Growth of the Club of Rome, the 10th edition of the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam brings historical research (from 1972 onward), inspiring practical examples (in 2022) and future scenarios (towards 2072) together.

The Architecture Biennale Rotterdam showcased the works of over 50 urban designers, architects and researchers who address the future of our existence on our planet in an inspiring way.

The title 'It's About Time' hints at the ever-mounting time pressure under which we are trying to counteract the effects of climate change and connect them to other social challenges. The title also zooms in on time and speed as crucial factors in architecture and spatial design processes and appeals to the profession to work effectively to resolve socioecological urgencies.

BC showcased bio-sourced materials such as acoustic panels of sunflower waste or rice waste developed for LOT 8 of Atelier LUMA in collaboration with Assemble.