• 17.06.21 17.07.21

Variations in earth

valerie_traan gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Designers & architects + makers
Assemble (UK), Case design (IN) + Aardig Gedacht (BE), Destroyers/Builders (BE), Elise Eeraerts (BE) + Grond-studio (BE), Sarah El Yousefy (BE), David Hoppenbrouwers (BE), Elise Laurent (BE), Kenneth Smet (BE) and Anna Zan (PL) + BC materials (BE), OS_Studio (BE) + Het Leemniscaat (BE), Unfold (BE)

Thomas Noceto and Cinzia Romanin

Exhibition on the metamorphosis of earth to object co-curated by BC

BC and valerie_traan gallery invited 8 designers, artists and architects to explore the different qualities and potentials of earth. They delved into the story and search for the essence of the material together with local craftsmen.

Earth is a material known to everyone, yet it remains mysterious — an outcome of a long erosion, decomposition and weathering process, resulting in a mixture of grains, water and air. These three elements create a solid material with which volumes, structures and houses can be built.

In the urban context, earth is commonly seen as a waste material: millions of tonnes are excavated from building sites every year and taken to landfills. BC's practice revolves around revaluing this material as an undisturbed, primary, local resource. The earth beneath our feet can be transformed into carbon-neutral and healthy loam plasters, loam bricks, loam logs (rammed earth), which always have a story to tell.

Yet there is still scepticism about the material, because there is little awareness of the potential of earth in crafts, both in architecture and design and art.

With this exhibition BC, together with craftsmen and designers, wanted to explore earth as a material to make, and share these experiments with the visitors.