Renovation of warehouses into an artist's studio

The artist Pascale Marthine Tayou wishes to convert a group of interconnected warehouses into a place for work, creativity and hospitality.

The warehouses are renovated minimally by means of a new floor and a new waterproofing layer on the roof, and the stripping of all interior walls, laying bare the steel structures of different times. The warehouses open up to become one continuous open plan to host exposition and work areas.
In the warehouses, an insulated long prism is designed, which structures the open plan into a public and private zone. The prism accommodates small workplaces, an office space, a reception, a small studio, and facilities. Its structure is two long rows of 'pallet racks', serving as storage space on the outside and serving as kitchen, bed, workbench, cupboard, sofa on the inside.

The insulation is hempcrete material, a mixture of limes and hemp, which serves as a finishing. The combination of bio-based material with a pragmatic and repetitive design approach results in a highly functional but textured infrastructure for the artist Pascale Marthine Tayou.

The prism was made mostly within an 'Urban Construction Camp' of 5 weeks, hosted by BC, in which several volunteers worked, ate, slept and attended lectures on site.


1650 m²
BC architects & studies