Maison de chasse

Rammed earth hunting house built during the first Rammed Earth Workshop in Belgium

In the spring of 2012, BC organized, together with Quentin Chansavang and Hugo Gasnier of CRATerre France, the first Rammed Earth Workshop in Belgium. With techniques learned by Martin Rauch and Anna Heringer, a total of 30 m³ of rammed earth was produced in an educational setting.

The resulting “maison de chasse” (a house for hunters) blends in with surrounding forest. The texture of the rammed earth walls gives it a natural look, and the very existence of this building, proves that the triangle between architect-contractor-client can be modified to implement a more horizontal approach to construction.

The "maison de chasse" houses a chimney, a wood storage space and a dog house. The Rammed Earth walls were done by workshop participants, while foundations and roof were done by the architects. The windows and the floor and the watertightness of the roof was done by contractors.

55 m²
30 000 €

BC architects & studies
Local Materials Consultant
Quentin Chansavang and Hugo Gasnier (CRA- terre)