BE Factory

Located in the valleys of the Flemish Ardennes, BeFactory has set up in the city of Ronse, on the former grounds of the Vandendaele-Trivier-Verlinden and Derodere textile factory with a mission to create a bio-regional economy and circular education model. Their approach brings together artisans, artists, architects, gardeners and more to research and develop materials, design objects and new production processes.

Built more than 100 years ago, the thoughtfully designed factory’s structure of robust materials such as bricks, timber and steel have withstood time, weather and changes in use. The aim of the project is to renovate the buildings to allow for a smooth operation of BeFactory while carefully working with what is already there and minimising destructive interventions. In doing so, the existing structures have been defined into zones of producing, storing and administrating interwoven with communal spaces and public displays. Each of their spatial needs will be responded to varying from raw, functional spaces for craft practices to warm, comfortable spaces to work and rest. The impressive central hall will not only store raw materials and finished goods but form the core of the project in which educational and exploratory events establish knowledgable und innovative resources for Ronse and the region.


Location Belgium, Ronse

Surface 3.500 m²

Budget privé

Client Be Factory SRL

Concept 2023

Architecture BC architects & studies

Structure Buro Kiss

Technic FTI